Boca Raton FL-January 29 2020- Universal Media Group Inc. (OTC: UMGP), the company that produces the ever so popular weekly celebrity documentary television series, “Before The Fame” with Mike Sherman, will interview the iconic legendary sports agent Leigh Steinberg for a super bowl special episode.

Mike Sherman, the creator and producer of the show, has previously sat down with superstars including Grammy award winning music artists such as DJ Khaled, Barry Gibb from the Beegees, Pitbull, Lil Wayne, and world champion boxers including Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Leonard as well as NBA champions such as Dwayne Wade and so much more! Now Mike will have the privilege to sit down and talk to one of the greatest sports agents of our generation, Leigh Steinberg.

Leigh is an iconic legend in sports, dating back to his first signing in 1975 of college friend, Steve Bartkoski, to the largest rookie contract in football history with the Atlanta Falcons. At that time, sports representation was in its infancy and Leigh revolutionized the game of negotiating sports contracts for players across every sports genre and set a precedent for professional athletes to negotiate huge contracts as they do presently.

Some of the greatest athletes of all time were and are represented by Leigh Steinberg including, but not limited to, Troy Aikman, Howie Long, Thurman Thomas, Warren Moon, Ricky Williams, Ben Roethlisberger, Steve Young, Bruce Smith, Kordell Stewart and, Mark Brunell. However, he also crossed over to sports other than football, which has changed the landscape of contract negotiations for those disciplines.

He represented three-time world heavy weight boxer, Lennox Lewis, baseball legend Dusty Baker and recently all pro and AFC champion quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, who will be representing the Kansas City Chiefs in Super LIV against the NFC champions, San Francisco Forty Niners.

Mike will go down memory lane and talk to Leigh’s former players, friends and associates to find out Leigh Steinberg’s recipe in becoming the legend he is today! All before the fame. Specifically, Mike will find out how Leigh secured more than $3 billion for his more than 500 pro athlete clients in baseball, football, hockey, basketball and golf. “He is a mastermind negotiator. There’s no one quite like him in the industry,” says Mike.

Mike will discuss everything from the Oscar nominated movie, ”Jerry Maguire”, which was based on Leigh’s life, to his newest projects such as “Sportamix”, a new social media platform that unifies people in the sports industry through media and technology.

This episode will be an exclusive Super Bowl spectacular filled with tons of exclusive footage and commentary from the legend himself, Leigh Steinberg”.

The Before The Fame TV show broadcast’s on MY33 Miami, CW Tampa, ABC Sarasota OTT and CW Atlanta and other selected markets in the US. Updates on when the show will air and scheduling will be forthcoming.

About Leigh Steinberg:

Leigh William Steinberg (born March 27, 1949) is an American sports agent. During his 41-year career, Steinberg has represented over 300 professional athletes in football, baseball, basketball boxing, and Olympic sports. He has represented the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft a record eight times. Steinberg is often credited as the real-life inspiration of the sports agent from Cameron Crowe‘s film Jerry Maguire in 1996.

About Universal Media Group Inc:

UMGP is a digital media company that focuses on user-generated music content and a sense of community through its brand “High School Icon” and television program “Before the Fame. It focuses on cutting-edge technology through music, sports and entertainment for engagement with the millennial generation.